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TOP Writing Academy  Live Online Writing Instruction

Using technology for "peak" writing performance


Your Instructor: Eric Spiecker

Mr. Spiecker has worked in secondary and higher education for over twenty-five years.  For the past 15 years, he has taught Honors and Advanced Placement English classes at a highly ranked high school in southern California.  During this time, he has provided college preparatory reading and writing instruction for both groups and individuals. Over the past two years, he has developed effective strategies for incorporating technology into synchronous and asynchronous online learning. 


His personal education includes a B.A. in English Literature, a Single Subject Teaching Credential, and an M.A. in Education.  In 2014 he started TOP Writing Academy LLC, a writing and reading curriculum resource for teachers.  Since 2014 TOP Writing Academy has sold over 20,000 reading and writing units, and his creative and unique lesson plans are used in thousands of classrooms across the nation.

How It Works

The Demand For Writing Skills

What We Offer

TOP Writing Academy offers live, online instruction designed to increase purposeful reading and writing skills.  Below is a brief overview of areas of focus and instruction.  To learn more about the TOP Writing Academy online classroom experience, click on the "Virtual Classroom" page on the menu. 

Reading for Writing Strategies
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  • Understanding the Prompt

  • Analysis Reading Annotations

  • Synthesis Reading Annotations

  • Persuasive Reading Annotations

Online Writing Instruction
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  • Explanatory Essay

  • Analysis Essay

  • Persuasive Essay

  • Synthesis Essay

Individual Instruction

Group Instruction

Students will receive personal instruction and feedback and all the resources available through Google Classroom to download onto their Google Drive.  An in depth review and editing of the student's writing will be the focus of individual instruction.  

Rate: $70/hr

Students benefit from the online classroom experience.  In addition to direct instruction and feedback from the teacher, students participate in group projects, peer writing, and peer editing exercises.  All students receive writing resources and lesson plans through Google Classroom to download onto their Google Drive.


Group of 2 Rate: $45/hr

Group of 3 Rate: $40/hr

Group of 4 Rate: $35/hr


Testimonies from past students and teachers.

“I love this approach to writing. The simplicity in the process is amazing. It truly helps get students to writing at a new level, while not discouraging them along the way.”

- Vanessa L. (teacher)

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