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Virtual Classroom

The primary tool we will use for live, online instruction will be a program called Zoom.  Zoom allows for video and audio interaction with the teacher and other students while receiving direct instruction and working on activities.  This powerful tool also allows for private group chat and "breakout room" group activities.


ZOOM SHARE SCREEN FEATURE: Screen share allows for the teacher to present interactive lectures, videos, and slide shows to students during instruction.  This feature also allows for students to share their screens with the class for immediate feedback and editing on classroom work.


Use of ZOOM

ZOOM CHAT FEATURE: Chat allows for students to interact with the class or send a private message to the teacher.  This feature also allows for the class to share links to videos or websites to enhance the learning experience.


Use of Google Classroom

Google Classroom and Google Slides will be the other primary technologies used to facilitate online learning.  Classroom provides a platform for organization and access to classroom resources, assignments, activities, and lesson plans.  All posted resources will automatically download onto a student's Google Drive for future use.  

google classroom.png

GOOGLE SLIDES: Google slides offer an interactive student learning experience during online learning.  Through shared slides, students can work together in a virtual space on projects and create and edit work in real time.  Shared slides feature, allows for the teacher to interact with students in real time on their work and provide immediate feedback.

google-slides_1_orig (1).png

Virtual Teaching Strategies

Use of acronyms for increased retention

PEEL Body Paragraphs.jpg
Choosing Evidence.jpg

Color-coded sample paragraphs & editing strategies

2021 Ch 6 Thoreau & McCandless PAPA & Synthesis.jpg
Peel Paragraph Organizer & Notes.jpg

Sample Lesson Plans & Worksheets

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